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Syrréo is a Greek word (Συρρεω) means Flow Together

Syrreo was developed to manage internal workflow of Orders for another business. Yes, there were multiple SaaS apps out there but none fit our business model.

Syrreo started in 2016 as a simple "Order Tracker" with following order status:
New Orders | Pending Approvals | Approved | WIP | Complete

Fast Forward to today (2019)

Syrreo is a full SaaS application where a one can manage their entire business with features like:

  • Send Quotes and get approval via email or client portal

  • Approved Quotes become Orders

  • Send Artwork for Approval within Syrreo

  • Customers can Approve artwork by just a Click

  • Assign Orders to Staff Members or (Teams coming soon)

  • Collect money via Stripe

  • Send Messages to customers 

  • Chat & Email Integration (Coming Soon)

  • Product Directory with attributes

  • Customer and (Vendor coming soon) database

  • Assign Customer to Groups (Reseller, Contract, Retail Etc)

  • Customer Portal for every customer 

  • and So much more

Our goal is to create an app that can helps you to manage your business and workflow so you can concentrate on growing your business.

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